Although many insurers tell their customers otherwise, everyone has the legal right to choose to instruct any Solicitor of their choice.  They cannot be forced to go through their insurers “panel Solicitors” for any reason.  Attempts to do so are ILLEGAL.

So why is it of any benefit to you to seek out your own solicitor instead of just going with the first solicitor who rings you following an accident (who will no doubt have been passed your details by your insurers)?  In reality there are lots of reasons but here are just a few for you to consider:-

  • Few people outside the industry know that sadly most insurance company panel solicitors have to pay your insurers a large sum to “buy” your claim from them.  This means they have a very small profit margin and therefore have to turn over a huge amount of claims, will have your case dealt with by unqualified staff and will do the minimal amount of work on your claim.  As a result, the customer service you will receive is also likely to be minimal.  So you have to ask yourself, is that what you want?    


  • Why not choose a local Solicitor.  That way you can actually meet the person dealing with your claim and decide whether you like and trust them.  It also means you can pop into the office as and when necessary if you wish.  Insurance Company Solicitors are largely ran like call centres.  Kept on hold for ever, never able to get through to who you want to speak to.  Sound familiar?


  • When you buy a car, do you just buy the first car you see or do you shop around for the best deal and make sure the car you buy has all the specifications that you require?  The same should apply to choosing your Personal Injury Solicitor.  Why not go with a recommendation from a friend who has had a good experience or look into your Solicitor’s background and expertise before trusting them to do a good job on your claim.  


  • Don’t pay your vehicle excess for your insurers to repair your car – Before instructing  a Solicitors make sure they are offering you the full package.  Can you Solicitor deal with all elements of your claim including your personal injury, vehicle repairs, hire and storage of your vehicle, arrange physiotherapy treatment.


Sweeney Miller have a specialist team dealing with all types of personal injury claims.  Road Traffic Accidents, Accidents at work or in public places, Slips / Trips, Criminal Injuries and Clinical negligence.  Our Solicitors have years of experience and can deal with every aspect of your claim for arranging your vehicle repairs to organising medical treatment.  And best of all, we offer home visits where appropriate to all who live in the North East because we are LOCAL!    

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