Accident at Work victim award could be worth £4 Million in compensation

A Sweeney Miller client (Mr X) in his sixties has secured an out of Court settlement worth potentially £4 million plus. The claim includes provision for annual care payments of £1/3 M per year.

Mr X suffered catastrophic injuries following a fall from a roof at a demolition site, leaving him with serious spinal injuries which have resulted in paralysis from the neck down.

The Health and Safety Executive prosecuted Mr X’s employers for significant safety failures on site.

Mr X’s desire to return home to live with his family was realised as a result of a successful personal injury claim pursued on his behalf by Sweeney Miller.

The value of Mr X’s case was hotly disputed by the employer’s insurers who, to their discredit, argued that Mr X should remain in his single room at a care home for the rest of his life.

Sweeney Miller fought the case in court and successfully secured a large interim payment to allow Mr X to purchase and adapt a property to meet all of his needs.  Mr X has now returned home to live with his family with the support of a 24 hour care team.

Sweeney Miller assisted Mr X in settling his claim, purchasing and arranging the contractors to fully adapt his house and putting in place a care regime to make sure he is properly cared for at home.

Bike loses to lorry

A 41 year old client of Sweeney Miller has received £200, 000 in an out of court settlement.

Mr Y suffered life threatening injuries, including a crushed pelvis when he was knocked off his bicycle by a lorry on Tyneside.

Mr Y’s career as a bricklayer was ended by his injuries and he was unable to work in any capacity for over a year.  Fortunately, Mr Y was determined to regain his health and has made a remarkable recovery and has new, less physically demanding employment.

Sweeney Miller pursued a personal injury case for Mr Y against the lorry driver.  The lorry drivers’ insurers alleged that Mr Y was partly at fault for the accident and also disputed the value of his claim.

Sweeney Miller helped secure numerous interim payments from the lorry drivers’ insurers throughout the case to help Mr Y and his young family manage financially whilst he underwent rehabilitation to aid his recovery.

Sweeney Miller fought the case through court proceedings and achieved a full liability settlement against the lorry driver, meaning Mr Y recovered 100% of the value of his claim.   Mr Y’s settlement included damages for his injuries and his past and future loss of earnings.

Firework incident at work

A client of Sweeney Miller has secured £330, 000 in compensation for injuries suffered as a result of an accident at work. Mr A lost sight in one eye after a firework exploded in his face at a Guy Fawkes Night firework display arranged by his employers.

Mr A suffered a severe chemical burn to his eye which has required a number of surgical procedures to try and save his eye and preserve some sight.  Mr A was unable to work in his Senior Executive role for many months.  He was cared for at home by his wife and for months had numerous restrictions placed upon his activities due to the nature of the intensive treatment required.

Sweeney Miller pursued a personal injury case for Mr A against his employers.  The employer’s insurers disputed the value of his claim.

Sweeney Miller arranged rehabilitation to assist Mr A’s recovery.  Mr A has undergone pioneering stem cell treatment at the RVI, Newcastle to try to recover some sight in his injured eye.  This is ongoing.

Sweeney Miller fought the case and achieved a significant out of court settlement.   Mr A’s settlement included damages for his injuries, care to include gratuitous care provided by his family, and loss of future career progression.

NB Names have been changed to preserve client confidentiality.