We understand that this is one of the most difficult and stressful times that you have likely experienced and we are here to guide you.

We would ask you to start from the beginning and explain when you started your relationship, when you were married if you had any children during the marriage, and how the relationship broke down.

We find some clients like to write everything down to help them remember their details and so that they feel like they don’t forget anything during our chat. But we know some clients need to speak to us so their voices can be heard. We will follow everything up with you in writing so you do not need to panic and write down our discussion or record our meeting.

It is helpful to have your financial information with you such as details of any assets or liabilities you have and be able to explain how you lived as a couple.

We will give you an idea on what to expect with the legal procedure and confirm this in writing as we understand it can be a lot to digest. We can set limits on the costs and help you in any way we can to reach an agreement as soon as possible, however there is no quick divorce. The minimum time for a divorce, without any financial element such as if you have a property together or children, is 6 months. More complex cases will take longer. The courts were struggling before the Coronavirus, and they are even more backlogged now, so it can take a long time to hear from them.

We always stress that your case is not the same as your friend’s divorce or your neighbour or colleague, so please do not compare the two. Your case is individual to you and we cater your case to your needs. You may need a financial settlement that your friend did not have, and we know that this is important to enable you to move on.

We will try and reach an agreement with your spouse or their legal representative which takes the pressure away from you. If court proceedings are necessary, we will guide you through the process and be there with you. However, this will be a last resort. We will try mediation before any court proceedings are issued to try and resolve any outstanding issues which can be held in a separate room to your spouse.

We understand that you may want to have an initial consultation with us first of all to see what rights you have and how the process works which we are happy to provide. Our divorce solicitors can also offer video calls during the current lockdown restrictions if you would like to see your representative face-to-face.

Please call us today to arrange your consultation on 07593549864 or email us at rebecca@sweeneymiller.co.uk .



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