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Need to find a solution when dealing with a difficult ex on divorce?

Have you been separated for some time but have been putting off getting divorced because you cannot face the hassle you know will come from your ex when trying to finalise your divorce and financial settlement?

It is time to seize the day and get things moving. New Year, fresh start – time to get the divorce finalised!

I recently acted for a client in relation to their divorce financial settlement who came to me after having instructed numerous other solicitors who had unsuccessfully tried to help her reach a financial settlement with her husband, who was unrepresented and dealing with the matter himself as a litigant in person, without any legal advice.

My client was understandably at her wits end after spending thousands of pounds in legal fees and seemingly getting nowhere. When she first came to me for advice my client was desperate to reach a conclusion as to how the assets of the marriage should be divided, but sadly due to her husband’s past obstructive behaviour and refusal to cooperate with her former solicitors and follow the legal process, she has almost given up hope.

Dealing with a litigant in person can be difficult because without legal advice, they sometimes do not understand the legal process and this can result in frustration and delay. I, therefore, took on the case expecting a battle but found myself pleasantly surprised.

Although communication with the litigant in person started off as expected, I took a pragmatic approach and set fair deadlines for responses and as they were not met, I proactively pushed the case forward through the court process as quickly as possible. I found that by dealing with the other party respectfully but firmly and with a court timetable in place to adhere to, we managed to find some common ground and finalise a clean break financial settlement agreement in the early stages of the court process.

My client was delighted that I had managed to get such a successful result for her and bring to an end years of anguish and distress so that she could finally move on, both financially and emotionally.

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