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Divorce rates rise in New Year as couples seek legal help

A STAGGERING one in five couples will seek some form of legal advice this January which could result in divorce.

Statistics show divorce rates are set to rise in the month of January and continue up until the end of March in what has become a recognised post-Christmas trend.

There’s no doubt that pressures on relationships can intensify during what can be a stressful time of the year.

But there’s another aspect – that many see the new year as a fresh start, a chance to wipe the slate clean as many individuals don’t want to remain in the same place physically or mentally for another year.

Another reason for the statistical increase might be the fact that if post-Christmas seems like a fresh start, the run-up to Christmas can be the most difficult time to talk about breaking up, keeping numbers of inquiries low at that time.

Couples do not wish to engage in difficult conversations in the lead up to what is predominantly a time for family and friends to come together.

Many keep it together for the sake of the children, and to have one last go at making the relationship work, however, the financial and domestic pressures of the holidays can bring increased confrontation, especially when couples will spend more time together.

For that reason or a combination of many reasons, this proves to be a busy time of the year for solicitors and the message to those who might be suffering in silence clearly has to be: ‘You’re not alone’.

Lindsey Christie, Sweeney Miller Law’s head of civil litigation: “The most important thing, if you feel you could really do with some professional advice, is to reach out for it.

“Solicitors deal with these issues every day and should be easy for you to talk to.

“The breakdown of a marriage is a difficult time for any family and the decision to divorce is often a very painful one – especially where children are involved.

“Asking those legal questions does not mean the marriage will necessarily end in divorce but it can offer greater certainty and clarity on what the next step might be.”

Anyone considering divorce proceedings, or who knows someone who is looking for advice, should feel free to get in touch with Sweeney Miller Law’s expert team of divorce solicitors on Sunderland 0191 568 2050, Newcastle 0345 900 5401.

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