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Sweeney Miller Law advises new ethical venture set to open its doors on Jesmond Road

After eight months of taking their business to markets and pop-up stores, Something Good decided it was time to secure their permanent home.

The eco-conscious initiative started when founder Lauren Wedderburn and her partner watched a documentary which revealed how much waste the nation throws away. After making incremental changes, Lauren founded the business to help others do the same and live more consciously. From packaging-free groceries to bamboo toothbrushes and stainless steel lunch boxes, the brand is offering non-plastic alternatives to encourage people to reduce their carbon footprint.

Speaking about the venture, Lauren said, “We decided it was time to do something. We started to make small, everyday changes to reduce our waste, to live a little slower and to lighten our footprints…But we wished it was more accessible, and more desirable, to live a more sustainable lifestyle in our city, and we knew there were many others who felt the same.”

Set to open their store on Jesmond Road in Newcastle next month, Something Good were advised by Sweeney Miller Law in relation to the commercial and property aspects of the transaction.

Fill your jars, tubs, and bags with our plastic-free wholefoods, organic fruit and veg, natural cleaning, laundry and personal care products, and more. Take just the amount you need. Weigh it. Pay for it. Enjoy it (and no need to throw any of it away). Then take a seat and enjoy something good. There’ll be workshops, a beautiful collection of books, and an inspiring collection of reusable lifestyle products.

Talking about the concept, Sweeney Miller Partner Surbhi Vedhara said, ‘We are delighted to have assisted Lauren and her team in creating an innovative and ethical way in which we shop. We are all well aware of the effect that climate change is having on our planet and we are glad that Lauren and her company are taking the lead in championing the cause for a sustainable lifestyle’.

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