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Legislation changes mean that newlyweds risk £1,000 fine if they don’t register their marriage within one week

Currently, newlyweds are asked to sign a register and certificate during the wedding ceremony but this could all change. The proposed changes, which could come into force by the end of 2019, mean that couples will no longer be presented with this certificate. Instead, they’ll be presented with a “marriage schedule” or “marriage document” which they will have to sign and take to their local register office according to The Faculty Office.

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Proposal to end Section 21 ‘no-fault evictions’ in England

Under the government’s new plans, landlords would have to provide a “concrete, evidenced reason already specified in law” in order to bring tenancies to an end. The National Landlords Association (NLA) said its members should be able to use a Section 8 possession notice to evict someone who has broken the terms of their tenancy - for example by not paying rent. This sometimes involves landlords spending money taking action in court if the tenants refuse to leave.

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