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Efforts to protect injured motorists supported by Sweeney Miller

SWEENEY Miller is keeping a close eye on Government proposals that could see thousands of motorists lose out on fair compensation from accidents.

And the North East solicitors are backing efforts from the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) to ensure the issue is rightly highlighted to the public.

The fear is that people injured in traffic accidents will be robbed of fair compensation in the mistaken belief that insurance premiums will fall as a result of Government proposals for personal injury in its Prisons and Courts Bill. If you received a traffic ticket as well you can fight the traffic tickets houstonhere.

The bill was unveiled by the Justice Secretary by this month and has been trailed by claims that if personal injury claims are changed and restricted, insurance premiums for motorists would fall.

But Neil Sugarman, president of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) a national not-for-profit group which represents injured people, has pointed out (click here for the details) that data from the insurance industry shows that since 2013, the annual cost of motor-related personal injury claims has fallen by £536 million yet insurance premiums have continued to rise.

Parliament to consider new proposals

He said: “Expensive motor repairs and repeated hikes in insurance premium tax are both major factors in the cost of motor premiums, yet the Government is fanatical about suppressing the right to claim for legitimate injuries instead.

“The Prisons and Courts Bill includes proposals for fixed tariffs which will inevitably mean people with genuine injuries are under-compensated.”

And Mr Sugarman warned that proposals to force more claims into the small claims court system will mean nuisance calls and texts about personal injury claims will reach ‘epidemic’ proportions.

“There will be an explosion of calls and texts from claims management companies encouraging people to make personal injury claims, even if they haven’t been injured,” he said.

“The small claims court is designed for people to represent themselves and this will just be a business opportunity for claims management companies, which make the cold calls and texts, who will tout for claims just as they do for people who were mis-sold payment protection insurance,” Mr Sugarman explained.

“The fact is the Government should put its energy into banning cold calls and texts altogether.”

If you have a personal injury claim that you think deserves investigating, please contact Sweeney Miller either at our Tyneside office on 0191 223 6730 or 0191 568 2050.

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