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Proposed changes to Residential Lettings market

We have seen continual setbacks for Landlords as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic, first, the extension on notice periods, then came the extension on evictions and the continual changes to the rules, and as of yesterday, the Queen confirmed in her speech that the Government will introduce a Bill which is set to abolish Section 21 Notices all together.

A Section 21 notice is used to evict your tenants either after a fixed term tenancy ends if there’s a written contract; or during a tenancy with no fixed end date, known as a ‘periodic’ tenancy. This will leave Landlords in a difficult position if they wish to regain their property if the Tenant has not breached the tenancy agreement, such as by not paying rent.

Also, if Landlords wish to use a Section 8 notice on the ground of outstanding rent arrears, they now must include details of the recently-introduced ‘breathing space’ debt scheme when seeking possession of their property from tenants who have not paid rent.

The constant changes to the housing market are making it impossible for Landlords. It is important that you seek legal advice on your property issues to avoid any further delays, especially now that notice periods are 6 months. If you get this wrong, 6 months is a long time to wait to start the process again. Please contact us if you require assistance on

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