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Where the children live and the arrangements for seeing each parent can often be the hardest part to deal with following a split.

It is important, as parents, to agree as far as possible on the day to day arrangements for the children (previously called child residence, contact or custody). If an agreement cannot be reached, then mediation may be a way to break the deadlock. Research shows that families who can sit down and talk through their children’s care and reach an agreement will have a better long-term relationship – helping them adjust to the change in the family dynamic.

Child arrangement order

If mediation is unsuccessful, proceedings can be started in the Family Court, leading to a legally binding Child Arrangement Order. The Family Courts are child-focused and put the children’s best interests first. Depending on the age of the children, their wishes and feelings may carry a lot of weight in what the Court decides, something that can be difficult for parents to accept. Specific issues, such as where a child should be educated or how they get medical treatment can also be covered in the Order.

How can our Child Custody Solicitors help?

The specialist Family Law Solicitors at Sweeney Miller can advise on all issues involving children, including going on holiday, relocation, step-parents’ rights and grandparents’ rights.  We also recognise that family circumstances change as the children get older and so we are experienced in the process of adapting and revising previous Child Arrangement Orders.

Sweeney Miller Law cannot help with Legal Aid cases such as Child Care Proceedings, Guardianship or Court of Protection matters. Through our network and experience, we can recommend other local solicitors who can help.

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