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Buying, selling, and managing property is a serious business. Property and real estate are valuable assets to any organisation and, when managed effectively, can prove to be extremely lucrative. Similarly, for those companies leasing a property, being comfortable in your premises can form a strong foundation from which to trade.

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What can a commercial property solicitor help with?

Business property law deals with the ownership and rights relating to commercial property. Like domestic property, transferring ownership of premises or creating lease agreements can be a time consuming and intricate process – one that you shouldn’t have to tackle alone.


If your business is in a position to buy or sell a property, our commercial property solicitors will carry out much of the same conveyancing work as would happen when you move home. If you are leasing out your property or your business is taking on a lease, putting the right legal framework in place can help to avoid costly and time-consuming issues further down the line.


The areas a commercial property solicitor can assist with include:

Sweeney Miller Law's Commercial Refinancing team works with businesses of all sizes, from large blue-chip companies, to mid-size businesses, to independent and family-run businesses like takeaways, hairdressers, off-licences and taxi firms.


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Commercial leases require the knowledge and experience of a qualified legal service provider. If you are entering into a lease agreement or looking to extend a lease agreement with a landlord, you need the support of a legal expert to ensure that the contract between parties is fair and in your best interests.

Employing a commercial lease solicitor can help to prevent any problems during a lease extension or rent review, helping to avoid any conflict that might occur if the parties negotiated directly. However, there are times when property disputes are unavoidable. If you are a tenant and believe that you have been treated unfairly by your commercial landlord, we can help you enter into mediation and, if all else fails, proceed to litigation on your behalf.