Helping you negotiate the complexities of licensing laws

The licensing landscape is constantly changing in the UK. For those in industries such as leisure and entertainment, staying compliant is far from simple – whether you are an experienced operator or a new business.

At Sweeney Miller Law our licensing solicitors can help you obtain suitable entertainment and alcohol licenses to meet both your requirements and, importantly, those of your customers.

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What do you need a licence for?

Licensing laws are relevant to organisations from across both the public and private sector and can relate to a number of different industries. At Sweeney Miller we cover:

  • Premises licenses

  • Temporary event notices

  • Operating licenses

  • Personal licenses

  • Gaming licenses

Working with clients in sectors such as hospitality, entertainment, and transport, we can help make the process of obtaining the appropriate license a smooth and seamless one.

How can Sweeney Miller Law help?

It is easy to think that licensing is simply an administrative exercise that requires you to fill out a form and obtain the relevant paperwork. However, we are always quick to point out to clients that licensing laws can be extremely strict and that this legal process should be handled with care.

Failure to comply with UK licensing laws can be met with substantial penalties. This is why it is always advisable to work with an experienced legal professional. Over the years we have worked with a range of bars, clubs, convenience stores, pubs, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets. We take great care to ensure that our clients are not only compliant but fully understand the parameters of their licence.

Since the Licensing Act 2003, the rules around licensing became much more detailed and the regulations relating to both Premises and Personal licences (managed by local authorities) have generated the potential for confusion.

Licensing solicitor costs

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