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Representing businesses of all sizes in commercial disputes

It’s a well used saying that “Time is money” in business. So, getting yourself into a serious legal dispute can feel like a risk and a drain on resources – even if you are confident of your position.

The truth is that many business disagreements are an unwanted and unpleasant problem that can do damage to both a business’s balance sheet and its long standing reputation.

At Sweeney Miller Law we understand that when all other avenues have been exhausted and you are left with no alternative but to proceed to court, you want your dispute resolved quickly and satisfactorily. If you are in need of a specialist commercial litigation solicitor to fight your corner, get in touch with us. We will pursue the compensation you deserve and get you back to business as usual fast.

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What is commercial litigation?

Commercial litigation is the term given to a business dispute that proceeds to trial. In order to protect yourself effectively and pursue the appropriate compensation or resolution, you will need a solicitor specialising in Litigation.

Commercial litigation is a broad field of law simply because there are so many different types of business and so many ways that conflict can arise. Some of the most common commercial dispute cases relate to:

  • Commercial contract disputes
  • Partnership disputes, shareholder disputes or breach of directors’ duties
  • Construction disputes
  • Insurance disputes
  • Product liability claims
  • Debt recovery and credit control
  • Commercial property disputes

Why choose Sweeney Miller Law as commercial litigation solicitors in the North East?

If you find yourself in dispute with another business, it pays to have the best team by your side. At Sweeney Miller we have years of experience in the handling and resolution of commercial disputes, winning many cases on behalf of our clients.

While no one wants to see their business in court, there are times when mediation or arbitration simply cannot bring both parties to a mutually acceptable resolution. Under these circumstances, we promise to leave no stone unturned as we pursue the compensation you deserve for the time and damage caused by your case.

Our skill lies in our ability to understand the case and accurately represent your position in court. But it is also important that we offer you clear, honest and practical advice. We build trust not by always telling you what you want to hear but by providing the guidance and direction you need in order to pursue your dispute most effectively.

Litigation can be both a stressful and time-consuming problem. As part of our role in handling your case, we will always do our utmost to ease the pressure on you and your business. This enables you to continue with business as usual, even in the most complex of cases.

Understandably, one of the first questions we are asked by companies considering commercial litigation is, “How much will it cost?” Not only do we work hard to provide our clients with the most competitive pricing for our services, we also aim to provide fixed fee services wherever possible. This allows you to understand what the financial implications of a court case are up front, with no nasty hidden fees.

Are you a small business? Worried that you don’t have the money or resources to take on a larger organisation even though you are confident in your legal position?

Our advice would always be to get in touch and speak to us before making a decision on whether to pursue litigation. We have great experience in supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes, so you can trust that we will give you an honest and pragmatic appraisal of your case.

Call us today: Newcastle: 0345 900 5401 Sunderland: 0191 568 2050