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Reliable legal advice for property investors

As an investor, you understand the value of protecting your interests for the longer term. Sweeney Miller are specialists in property law, offering a full conveyancing for investors service delivered by property law experts.

Property investment is a complex area, and Sweeney Miller maintain a reputation for delivering solid, professional legal advice in order to prevent investors from making costly mistakes.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor looking for a reliable conveyancing partner for your growing portfolio, or a new arrival testing the waters of buy-to-let, our team of specialist conveyancing solicitors will be able to advise and guide you through this complicated process.

Looking to invest in and expand your property portfolio?

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What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing refers to the legal and administrative work involved in transferring ownership of a property or piece of land.

For investors, this process can be even more complicated. On top of transferring legal ownership, an investor must navigate the legalities wrapped up in the buy-to-let section of the law:

  • A conveyancing solicitor will ensure that you have the legal right to sell your property and that there are no debts attached to it.
  • At Sweeney Miller, your conveyancing solicitor will carry out checks with the Local Authority to make sure any new alterations or extensions to the property or site have been approved or awarded planning permission.
  • If you are investing in a property development project, it is the responsibility of your conveyancing solicitor to ensure that the plans have been ascertained by relevant authorities.
  • You will also need to pay stamp duty – a tax payable to the government based on the price of the property – which will be determined by your conveyancing solicitor at Sweeney Miller.
  • Buying, letting, or selling leasehold properties such as apartments is generally more complex. In this case, your conveyancer will be directly involved in determining maintenance costs, ground rents, and the service charges to be used going forward.


What is the difference between residential conveyancing and conveyancing for investors?

The residential property world operates very differently to the investment property sphere.

Residential property conveyancers will focus on the more emotionally driven aspects of clients buying a home to live in and will understand that although clients may say they are in a hurry, ultimately there will be little impact if a short delay in the process occurs.

At Sweeney Miller, we know that investing in property is a business. Therefore, speed and efficiency are crucial.

Conveyancers specialising in investment property understand legal practices that are largely unknown to residential conveyancers. More specialist property strategies such as lease options, delayed completion, and ‘rent to rent’ will be best employed by an experienced investment conveyancer.

Why choose Sweeney Miller Law?

At Sweeney Miller, our team of qualified property law professionals are experts in conveyancing for investors. They will be able to provide you with support at every stage of the buy to let process, whether you’re looking to buy a new property, let an existing one, or sell part of your portfolio.

We maintain the belief that experience is the marker of a great conveyancing solicitor. Sweeney Miller’s team of expert conveyancers has helped hundreds of investors make their dream purchase a reality. We are perfectly placed to support you through your move, with experts working out of both our Newcastle and Sunderland offices.

 Call us today: Newcastle: 0345 900 5401 Sunderland: 0191 568 2050