Reality TV fans will no doubt know that it was the highly-anticipated ‘UK wedding’ of former Made in Chelsea stars Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo last week. The wedding has been the talk of the town and the tabloids.

The pair are both successful businesspeople in their own rights, Laing founded confectionary company Candy Kittens and Habboo is a social media influencer. Together they run the successful Nearlyweds podcast in which they’ve been documenting the lead up to their nuptials, with ceremonies in the UK and also in Spain.

On last week’s podcast episode, they invited a divorce lawyer into the studio to ‘educate’ them on the subject of prenuptial agreements and finances during marriage. During the conversation, the couple appeared shocked to learn that without a prenup, if their fledgling marriage ends in divorce, they would both be equally entitled to 50% of the finances built up since they began cohabiting.

Sweeney Miller Law’s Head of Family Law, Rebecca Cresswell, and her team advise engaged couples on prenuptial agreements and agreed that this was a common misconception with couples entering into a marriage with significant assets and no prenuptial agreement in place:
“While it may not seem like the most exciting aspect of planning a wedding, couples with significant separate finances should have a serious conversation about signing a prenup at the start of the process. Focussing on the finances might seem like an ‘unromantic’ thing to consider, but as Jamie and Sophie say, it’s also making it about the relationship and ensuring that if the worst does come, there isn’t an extra layer of stress involved with untangling any finances.”

At Sweeney Miller Law, we would advise that the best way to make sure the agreement is upheld by the Court is for both parties to obtain independent legal advice, have full disclosure in relation to all financial resources available, make sure the agreement is dealt with shortly before or after the marriage, both must enter into the agreement freely, and that it is fair in all the circumstances.

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