Helping you get back on your feet after an accident that wasn’t your fault

There are a wide range of accidents and incidents that fall under the personal injury area of law, but whether you have suffered an accident at work, or have been knocked off your bicycle by a motorist, you should know that the law is designed to ensure that you are not left out of pocket as you look to recover from any injuries that you may have sustained. This is where Sweeney Miller Law’s personal injury solicitors can help.

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What we offer?

While there are many law firms that advertise personal injury claim services, we focus on delivering a personal and dedicated service, understanding that each case and client is unique. Our team works on a no win, no fee basis and always take the time to build a close relationship with you – something that is invaluable at a time when you may feel at your most vulnerable.

What is involved in a personal injury claim?

In legal terms ‘personal injury’ is used to describe any injury or illness that may have been caused or made worse by someone else’s negligence. This can include the actions of both individuals and businesses.

Under these circumstances, as well as being compensated for your pain and suffering, you may also be entitled to claim compensation for the cost of specialist medical treatment or to cover any time you may have lost at work. You should also note that you have three years to make a personal injury claim from the date of an accident (or from the time your illness was diagnosed), otherwise your claim may automatically be out of time. Different time limits apply to children or those who lack capacity. If you are unsure about the time limits in making a claim get in touch with our team to find out more.

How can Sweeney Miller Law help?

We believe that we are different to the other no win, no fee solicitors. Not only does our experienced team have a wealth of experience in handling all types of personal injury claims, but we also recognise the importance of building close working relationships with clients during a time when they could be unwell, in pain or feeling particularly vulnerable.


If you or a loved one have suffered from a serious personal injury, it is possible that your life has been changed forever. We understand that this is a difficult and traumatic time for you and your family, which is why our sensitive and empathetic approach sets us apart.


We are on hand to help you pursue the compensation that you are owed and provide advice and support as you address the practicalities of your treatment and rehabilitation. We are always happy to arrange home or hospital visits so that you remain as comfortable as possible.


To speak to a friendly, knowledgeable member of the personal injury team call us today on 0191 568 2050, email or fill out our online form.


The most common forms of personal injury claim are as follows:

Any case involving the loss of a loved one must understandably be handled sensitively. In fatal cases, it may be that a Coroners Inquest takes place providing important information for the bereaved family.