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The transfer of assets and shares is an area of business that enterprises simply cannot afford to get wrong. That’s why our team of specialist lawyers at Sweeney Miller Law has built a strong reputation for acquisitions, sales and mergers in the region and nationwide. Our partner-led, multi-disciplinary team helps businesses to get the best results from any transaction, reducing workload and stress in the process, enabling them to focus on the ‘day job.’

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What we offer?

Our practical commercial advice is always delivered on time and within budget. We understand how important each and every commercial deal can be to an organisation, and we will always work tirelessly to provide the best legal support through times of change within your business.

Why choose Sweeney Miller Law as your corporate solicitors?

We are proud that our existing clients not only come to us for legal advice but consider us to be trusted advisers whom they can turn to when changes are necessary in their business.


Our dedicated, partner-led team is committed to supporting businesses and private investors in all aspects of corporate work and our proven track record makes us a safe pair of hands for your corporate legal matters.


To speak to a member of the team about your commercial law matter get in touch today by calling 0345 900 5401, emailing or filling in our online contact form.

The benefits of engaging a Corporate Solicitor for your business

As experts in corporate law, we know firsthand the incredible advantages that come with having an experienced corporate solicitor for your business. These are some of the key benefits of hiring a corporate solicitor and how we can contribute to the success and growth of your company.

There are many considerations to take into account when planning a corporate merger or the acquisition of another business. From taxation to pension schemes to regulatory requirements and environmental factors, it is crucial that you get the very best and pragmatic legal advice.

The commercial team here at Sweeney Miller Law are experts in handling these complex and challenging matters on your behalf. While there is often a significant amount of paperwork entailed in business acquisitions, it is the advice and strategic support we offer to clients that sets us apart from other law firms.


In conclusion, having a corporate solicitor for your business is not just an added expense, but rather an investment in long-term success. We provide essential legal protection and risk management, support growth initiatives, and offer peace of mind by handling complex legal matters efficiently - ultimately contributing to cost-effective solutions for your business. Don't underestimate the value we bring - consult with a reputable corporate solicitor today to unlock these benefits for your company's future prosperity.