Increased rental demand and 'bullish' attitudes are cited as the reasons that almost 90% of portfolio landlords – aka those with five or more properties – have bought properties in the past six months despite uncertain market conditions.


As reported by the Financial Times, 88% of portfolio landlords have already added to their portfolios, and a quarter of those surveyed also intend to invest in additional property within the next year. For landlords with smaller portfolios – four or fewer – the numbers aren’t quite as high as their ‘bullish’ ‘portfolio landlord’ counterparts with five plus properties, but an equally respectable 58% have added to their existing portfolio since May.


The reasons for the positive outlook in the private rental sector appear to be related to portfolio landlords looking to diversify their properties, respond to demand from renters, and "add quality, energy efficient rental stock to the market". Shawbrook, the firm which surveyed 1,000 residential landlords, also reported the ways in which landlords are looking to diversify with their next acquisitions, which included:

  1. Diversifying by location (39%)
  2. Exploring different types of properties (37%)
  3. Considering student and multiple occupancy (26%)
  4. Looking into the retirement housing market (21%)


The results of the Shawbrook survey come just as business insight firm BVA BDRC reveals that 71% of landlords across the residential industry have reported an increase in tenant demand – an all-time high – and that average rental yield also increased by 5.1% since the same time last year. We recently reported that the North East was crowned the Buy-to-Let capital of Britain as a result of a 26% increase in buy-to-let property purchases and an average rental yield 3% higher than the South East.


For the 39% of portfolio landlords considering diversifying by location, the North East could be the place to start looking! And to ensure a smooth and stress-free transaction, it would be wise to get legal advice from an experienced firm with a specialist landlord team.


Sweeney Miller Law has a dedicated landlord team and is instructed by established landlords with an extensive portfolio through to those interested in investing in property for the first time, and we advise landlords based in the North East and nationally.


Managing Partner Surbhi Vedhara commented on the recently published data:

“It is great to see that, across the board, landlords are gaining back their investing confidence and have started to expand their portfolios again; this can only be positive for both landlords and renters. The best way to make the most of your portfolio is to seek expert advice from the start and throughout from a solicitor with experience with the intricacies of every aspect of law that comes with being a residential landlord."


At Sweeney Miller Law, we have a dedicated Landlord team that can advise landlords with any size of portfolio on all aspects of property investment, whether they are a local investor looking to build a small pension pot or an investor based in the South East or London hoping to diversify their offer.


The firm, alongside other prominent regional businesses, is part of the North East Landlords group, offering regular events and updates to landlords in the area to ensure they are supported and connected with the right advice from industry experts.


From our head office in Gosforth, our expert Landlord and Tenant litigation team also has a raft of expertise and experience in advising landlords on any contentious issues that may arise after the purchase has gone through and the tenants are in.


If you are a residential landlord with any sized portfolio and want to make sure you have the correct legal advice for any eventuality, get in touch to speak to a member of our team today by calling 0345 900 5401 or email


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