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What is a Clean Break Order?

Also known as a Clean Break Consent Order, this is a legally binding document, drafted by a solicitor and approved by the Court, that sets out the division of any property, assets, pensions, and maintenance payments on divorce.

Why might I need one?

The Order confirms that all financial ties between you and your ex have been brought to an end. It provides peace of mind allowing both sides to move on with their lives, without the fear of a financial claim in the future.

When is a Clean Break Order processed?

Most couples reach a financial settlement at the same time as they are divorcing. As each side is generally responsible for paying their own legal bills, it makes sense to agree as much as possible and have it approved by the Court through a Clean Break Consent Order to keep costs down.

How can Sweeney Miller help with a Clean Break?

Sweeney Miller Law’s specialist Family Law Solicitors can advise you on whether a Clean Break is a good idea in your case and guide you through the process, ensuring that the terms of the Consent Order give you a financial settlement that meets your future needs, as far as is possible.

If you have reached an agreement with your spouse following separation about how to divide your assets on divorce and you just want a Solicitor to draft the court order to formalise the settlement, we offer this drafting only service on a fixed fee basis. This will help give you certainty about your legal costs and keep them to a minimum where a settlement has already been agreed and no further negotiations or advice are needed.

Divorce and Civil Partnership dissolution affects any Wills that you may have. If you never had a Will, then your ex may be able to claim on your estate if you die. We work closely with Sweeney Miller’s team of Wills and Probate solicitors that can make sure that your wishes are met after the split.

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