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How can we help split your assets during a Divorce?

Whilst divorce brings an end to your relationship, it does not necessarily end your financial commitment to each other, dealing with the finances and property following the split is a separate process.

At the end of the relationship, it is important that all aspects of the ownership of assets such as the family home, vehicles or even the family pet are decided, to prevent your ex from making a claim in the future.

We are familiar with the challenges faced when trying to deal fairly with the family home, otherwise known as the “former matrimonial home”, often the biggest asset. There may be mortgage considerations, limited equity, children still at school and new partners moving in to consider. With access to independent financial experts and our experience, we look for pragmatic and realistic solutions tailored to each of our clients’ needs.

The family law specialists at Sweeney Miller can support you through such discussions or any financial dispute. Get in touch if you are not sure what you may be entitled to upon divorce, or how to protect your savings or property.

Splitting your finances

We work with financial experts such as accountants, actuaries, and financial planners, to ensure you get the right advice and best financial settlement possible. Sweeney Miller also has a separate conveyancing team who can deal with the sale of any property following divorce or dissolution.

Reaching an agreement

In some cases, a Clean Break Consent Order may be the best way to resolve who gets what following a split. If an agreement cannot be reached, then there may be no alternative but to go to Court. Whilst we are always keen to reach an amicable resolution, we provide determined and robust representation when necessary.

Divorce and Civil Partnership dissolution affects any Wills that you may have. If you never had a Will, then your ex may be able to claim on your estate if you die. We work closely with Sweeney Miller’s team of wills and probate solicitors that can make sure that your wishes are met after the split.

What about the cost?

We recognise that no one wants to be stuck in a long, protracted court dispute with their ex-partner, resulting in mounting legal costs. The general rule is that both sides must pay their own legal bills. With our experience we can quickly recognise when a case is losing momentum and we ensure that any hold-ups are quickly dealt with, keeping costs down and enabling you to move on with your life. As your case progresses, we will advise you of all the options and likely costs involved, so there are no surprises.

If you are worried that you won’t be able to pay for a divorce lawyer, we can work with you to agree a payment plan. Assessed on an individual basis, we may accept deferred payments made upon the sale of a property or when you receive maintenance from your ex-spouse. We want to help you find a way to fund your legal costs, ensuring that you receive the best possible advice and support during what can be a very challenging process.

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