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Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, our Power of Attorney solicitors are not able to answer all telephone calls. We advise that you contact us directly at to arrange a telephone consultation.

Our Lasting Power of Attorney solicitors can help you to appoint one or more people to act as your Attorney. This is in relation to the management of your financial affairs and property if you cannot do this for yourself. This type of case typically arises when an individual loses mental capacity due to a stroke, a head injury or perhaps a long-term condition such as dementia. A financial Lasting Power of Attorney can also be used if you are physically unable to manage your affairs because of problems such as mobility issues.

Without a Lasting Power of Attorney, it could become very difficult for those close to you to access and manage your bank accounts, savings, investments or property.

You can also make a Lasting Power of Attorney for health and care decisions. For example, you may want to leave specific instructions as to how you should be cared for. Again, Lasting Powers of Attorney should be made at a time when you still have the mental capacity to make an informed decision – something that we can fully advise and assist you with at Sweeney Miller.

How do I get a Power of Attorney?

There are different types of Power of Attorney and you should seek the advice of a Solicitor who can determine which is best for your requirements.

How long does it take to get a Power of Attorney?

This depends on the type of Power of Attorney as some take longer to process than others. A solicitor can give you further details of timescales.

How to revoke Power of Attorney?

Sometimes people want to revoke their Power of Attorney to remove the power of someone making decisions on behalf of them. Depending on the type of Power of Attorney, there are different methods required to revoke it and specialist solicitor can further advise on this matter.

How much does it cost to get Power of Attorney?

Depending on your requirements a solicitor will give you a price for the work required.

If you want to appoint or revoke someone as your attorney, our Estate Planning solicitors can help, you can call us on: Newcastle: 0345 900 5401 Sunderland: 0191 568 2050 or email us at:

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